Tuesday, 4 September 2012

5:2 Now Fetch Me That Scabby Horse!

I bet that there's a fair few of my UK readers out there who watched that Horizon programme on the BBC about intermittent fasting.  Well, I didn't manage to catch it  the first time around due to woefully poor personal management.   However, it's on again in the wee small hours of tomorrow morning for all  you lardy insomniacs out there.  I'll be setting the recorder if I can work out how to use it, mainly because  rather unusually, I've got a bit of a  crush thang on Michael Mosley even though he's medically trained. Normally, doctors don't float my boat at all but then again maybe they don't go a bundle on overweight occupational therapists.

Anyway, I've already got the gist of what the programme was about and more than a smattering of the peeps  I know are following the 5:2 version of the diet described. For those not in the know already, it involves eating nomally (hurrah!) for five days each week and limiting calories to 500 or 600 for females/males respectively on the remaining two.    It's got a bit of scientific rationale behind and is supposed to promote weight loss and have rejuvenating effects too.  Sounds good to me but perhaps wisely I delayed the start date so that I could stuff my face freely on baguettes during my  holiday.

So yesterday, I think I stuck to my calorific limit with a weeny bowl of muesli, three cups of tea with milk and two small portions of leftover tabbouleh and carrot salad brought back from la France.  I'm not entirely sure as the continental food packaging was bereft of energy values but I reckon that I kept to the target as near as damn it.  However, I do concede that pathetically licking a drip of greek yoghurt off the outside of the Louis' dessert bowl may have tipped me over.   From now on though I'll be using the free website FoodFocus.co.uk to do my sums a little more accurately.

How do I feel after day one?  Bloody starving!  There's nothing for it but to head off for the fields, catch a dodgy nag and wedge it behind two doorsteps of  buttered bread.  That'll do for a thoroughly normal breakfast!


  1. I have been trying the Good Housekeeping version of the 5-2 thing for a fortnight. Called the milk diet [check GH website] it was developed specifically for women. I have NOT felt hungry, and was able to manage my diet and food for husband with no problems. AND it hasnt interfered with other parts of life.

    Weight loss appears to be around 1lb a week. If I can keep it up that is a stone by Christmas!

    Only major problem is bread-craving!

    I wish you success with your attempts [to record programme and to diet!] I shall record and watch prog as well if I can!

    blessings x

  2. Watched it yesterday. Very interesting. Doing the milk diet thing today [again] and other half joining me. Irritatingly the 2½lbs weight loss of weeks 1 & 2 has crept back on.

    Keeping out of kitchen because I am yearning for a biscuit!

  3. Much easier today Angela - lost appetite due to cold!