Thursday, 20 September 2012

A La Mode de Pollyanna

Thanks to Perran who shared this on Facebook.  I'm truly grateful!
There's so much else that I want to do at the moment rather than sitting around blogging.   Another writing project has reared up, the spare room needs an organisational overhaul and I want to help fix a tricky Lego Technics problem with the bairn.   So, today  I'll share this with you to keep the proceedings  short and sweet.   Some, even myself on a cynical day, would say these words are a bit too saccharine, like Pollyanna herself to be truthful.  In reality, my automatic thought when hearing the off-key singing lady might be 'Where's that Duct Tape?' rather than 'Ooh! It's so wonderful that I'm not deaf.  Perhaps it's best that I haven't set foot in a church, aside from weddings and funerals, for years.

You could. of course, have fun and make up your own versions of these.  The first one that sprung to my own mind was that I I am thankful for being able to impersonate a fish wife whilst yelling at Louis to get his shoes on and go to school because it means that I have a child.  Then again I'd might prefer it if he went right ahead and did this automatically, thus saving my vocal chords!

The fact that I'm showing you this must mean that it's sparked  something up in that there grey matter. Perhaps I need to  cut the moaning and groaning and instead use that the energy saved to discover what I should truly be thankful for.

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