Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The Beautiful Briny and Blackbirds

Back in my Totnes office today so I don't have to resort to weeing in the open air surrounded by cows - unless, that is, I really wanted to!  My interior workspace is far more conventional with trays often filled to overflowing, a proper porcelain loo with a locking door across the corridor,  a few curling photos of Lou and a couple of pictures by Hilke McIntyre, who has kindly agreed to let me share her work with you.

A couple of months ago my desk neighbour, Mr Metrosexual, had a garden party at his house.  As he is a manipulative leech, he did not do the cooking himself but roped in muggins here. Another colleague , Snobby Friend, who I've introduced previously as a chiffon clad wanton spendthrift ,is kind and thoughtful  as well as being proud of her discerning taste. She was so impressed by our hosting and catering that she sent us each thank you cards with images of Hilke's lovely linocuts to show her appreciation. We've displayed them in our joint workspace ever since.  Not only do they give me pleasure and are a welcome distraction when I'm sick of writing notes, they're also a reminder that I must book onto a printmaking course myself.

A snoop around this talented lady's website reveals that not only does she use printmaking as a medium but makes gorgeous ceramics and paints too.  An eclectic woman after my own heart indeed!  There is so much that caught my eye that it was hard to choose favourite pieces to illustrate this post.  Now I'm a sucker for a sea scene which is why I'm particularly drawn to those primitive little fellows around the harbour.  And although I could have devoted an entire post to her fishy/boaty/wavy works. I've resisted and forced myself to choose something that evokes an inland, albeit watery, scene.  Here's a wonderfully whimsical ceramic relief of a blackbird in the rain.

The pull of the sea is just too strong!  I really have to return to salty themes and can't resist this fine chap who's  graces the cover of a National Young Choir of Scotland songbook.  He's  so reminiscent of those long lashed stylised fisherman  beloved of the Cornish potter Bernard Moss.  The same blue, black and white colour palette has also been used.  Surely this can't be coincidental?

I see that Hilke lives and works in Scotland but her work is going to be exhibited at the Coombe House Gallery in Dartmouth in October.  The perfect excuse to schedule my future appointments down in that neck of the woods so that I can pop in and see some original pieces during a lunchbreak!

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