Thursday, 27 September 2012

Cheap Lego!!!!

Can you guess who this is?  Yep it's Mo Farah, a creation from The Little Artists, formerly Cake & Neave whom I've featured before.  The best kind of art challenges me down to the very core of my belief systems OR gives me a bloody good laugh!

Anyway, sorry to be like all those horrid high street stores who spring Christmas on us so early but when you've got a nine year old to buy for, planning has to start early.  Like in the last couple of years, I'll be aiming to keep to a £100 budget which includes those stocking presents.  Unlike some children where parents have separated Louis won't be getting two sets of presents.  Those costs will be shared with his dad.

Lego again features on Louis' wish list and as other parents might have realised this stuff doesn't come cheap.  It isn't often heavily discounted either and is a bugger to find with savings applied.  Even the secondhand stuff on Ebay comes at prices that are often near retail, or above the original cost for discontinued lines.  Help is a hand though.    I've discovered Brick Badger, a site that lists every available Lego set available and the best available current  price.   A Technics bucket truck will be winging its way to me soon at 73% of what I might have otherwise.   And Hola!, Bonjour, Howdie etc.  This site won't just appeal to my UK readers. It caters for several other nationalities too.   So, get on out there and buy those bricks early before they're snaffled up by other bargain hunters in the Christmas rush.

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  1. As a fellow mother of a 9 year old Lego-loving boy I really appreciate that tip! I'm always amazed at how much a tiny teaspoonful of Lego costs, but as it really is one of THE most played with toys of all time in our house I go along with it. I look forward to checking Brick Badger out, although I haven't begun thinking about Christmas yet. Found your lovely blog via Frugal Queen.