Sunday, 30 September 2012

Embracing Our Limitations

Please, please, please, please pleeeeeeease play this video which is the best thing that I've Stumbled Upon!  I absolutely promise that it will be four minutes of your time well spent.   The pleading especially goes out to any teachers and fellow therapists.  No, scrub that.  Its brilliant message, filled with hope and optimism, is  important for anyone who ever feels inadequate in themselves.  That must include just about everyone except those with the most severe narcissistic personality disorders.

This guy, Phil Hansen,  is so creative, witty, wise and thought provoking that I want to marry him!  Except it would be a major incident of cradle snatching as he's about fifteen years younger.  And he lives in the US and I'm firmly ensconced in the English countryside.  And I actually wouldn't want another adult living in my house........

Enough!  I'll shut up now and give you all time to press the play button and watch this.  Pretty please!

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  1. I don't think I could turn my squiggles into art, or maybe I could. Thanks for that. Most interesting.