Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Excess Baggage

As  I mentioned the other day I travelled back to my childhood home of Essex at the weekend.  I left Devon travelling light. Just a little more than overnight bag with undies for me and Lou cluttered the boot on the outward journey.  The way back was a different story.  I came back with the chassis of my unloved Fiesta Econetique almost scraping the tarmac of the A303.  Here's the first of the item that caused the overload.  A rather fine specimen from Mama Lovelygrey's allotment.

Remember, after a festival frolic I begged Mama Lovelygrey, on Louis' behalf, to replicate some stilts he'd coveted.  Well she got out her woodworking tools and he's the result.  Is there no end to her talents?  Credit must also go to Papa Lovelygrey for his natty painting.

Auntie Elsie and Uncle Stan are far more organised than me.  Here's Louis' Christmas present so they don't have to post it in a couple of months time.  Sssssh!  I think it's a book!

And although I didn't put in a formal order, the Cosmic Being must have known that I needed a container for my dishwasher powder.  Mum was having a clear out of her cupboards and didn't need this old, yellowing Tupperware container any longer.

Why do rented houses often have cream carpets.  Mine were cleaned before I took on the tenancy but were filthy from day two onwards after everyone had traipsed in and out moving  furniture.  I needed a heavy duty carpet cleaner but not at a heavy duty price.  Here's one I found on Ebay, a Bissell Aroma-Pro.  One hundred and ninety of your finest pounds if bought new but fifty quid, if barely used by a lady in Norfolk.  My kindly bro' picked it up for me.  Here's my newest toy along with a selection of just a few of the stains that I hope it will gobble up.

Hmmm, a Snickers multi-pack.  I'm sure Mama Lovelygrey stuffs Louis full of sweets in revenge for all those sugar crazed moments that she had to endure when I was a nipper.

Lord lummy we must be getting to the end soon.  Here's some Catherine Cookson books for me to pass onto Nana Lovelygrey...

......Bargain Fritter Mix x 2.........

...... and a Plug badge for my little Beano aficionado.

But I've saved the best until last.  I fell very much in love with one of the paintings skillfully created by my brother, Paul Bernard Harris so will be paying him a pittance from now until eternity that will go towards his gruel fund ...or whatever impoverished artists eat in their ramshackle garrets.   It vaguely reminds me of those Teutonic  painting from the '30s crossed with I don't know what.  I'm still in contemplation about this.  Anyway, Paul you'll be pleased to hear that I got your masterpiece home safely.  Now it's just a question of deciding where to hang it.

PS: Oh, Mum -  I've also brought Dad's pyjama bottoms home by accident.  I'll put them in the post!

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  1. I love the Plug badge. Plug was my late dad's nickname given to him by his brother. I didn't know that and always wondered why the tooth fairy signed thank you letters with Love Plug. lol