Saturday, 1 September 2012

'Fessing Up

Call myself a thrifty chick?  Let me hang my head in shame because August’s budget was blown by a massive £87!  How can this be?  Apart from meatballs at Ikea in Brest, we haven’t eaten out on this holiday, nor visited attractions that have cost money.  And to illustrate today’s post here’s a couple of the lovely jubbly  maritime themed things that I resisted buying in the gorgeous cooperative shops around these parts. Yes, I know there's another sea urchin but this one's a beautiful glass lamp.   Use of the handy SnipingTool in Windows means I’ve been able to transform my own photos into lower resolution images so you’ve been treated to two photos today in spite of the prehistoric Wi-fi set up here.  That life buoy cushion looks like it could be copied to make a comfy seat for someone with piles!*

So what went ‘wrong’?  Well, that Ikea trip resulted in a twelve Euro spend on bits and bobs for Louis’ room.  Planned expenditure on a new cycle helmet to replace my knackered one and a snorkel for Louis at the wonderful outdoor emporium, Decathlon, was stretched to include a new pair of kid's trainers  and three vest tops for me.  The helmet wasn’t their cheapest either.  I was also tempted to the point of putting my hand in my purse by the Breizh L'Aise sale in one of their trendy Breton clothing boutiques, where I bought two half price tops where I’d have trouble justifying forking out the  full cost.  

So that about accounts for our overspend.  I could have made it up by skimping on food costs or telling Louis that he couldn't go on the high wires or go-karts at this camp.  But hell, we’re on holiday.  It’s not as if  I was frittering away cash I don’t have.  My daily expenditure target is set well below the income that I bring in.  It’s a sum that I aspire to keeping to, so as to live simply in a world where there is  thoughtless excess.  I’m very fortunate that I’m in a position to have a little blowout every so often.  Let’s see if I can skimp in September and balance the books!

*Here's where I put my occupational therapist hat on.  Sitting on a doughnut cushion isn't good for people with a sore bum.  I just said it for comic effect.  They need treatment for whatever's causing the problem and a proper pressure cushion if necessary!  

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  1. I was thinking more in terms of gurning through the buoy-cushion than sitting on it. Mind you, damned difficult with me to tell which end is doin' the smiling anyway.

    I still want a few of those cushions.