Thursday, 13 September 2012

First Thoughts on Fasting

It's been now been well over a week since I started my intermittent fasting diet that's aimed at improving my long term health as well as my waistline.  The result on that score so far?  Well, I've lost a big fat zero with cherries on the top!  So today's illustrative photo is a bit of wishful thinking.  It's not me.  That blobby expanse on my own midrift is hanging on in there and refusing to budge!

I'm a little surprised that the scales haven't yet tipped in my favour.  Apart from a relatively large 3,000 calorie day whilst revelling on Saturday I've been a good girl from a food intake point of view both on general healthy eating and energy intake grounds.  Although I'm had hungry pangs whilst fasting they're bearable and worth it for the good vibes that I have on the next day when normal noshing can resume.  I wake feeling so,so zingy without the desire to eat an Olympic breakfast to make up for my abstinence.

Even without the anticipated pound shedding, I'm  going to stick with this. Given the expected long term results and the freedom that I have on those five non-fast days to eat what I want, it seems crazy not to.  Let's hope I can report back positively from a weight loss perspective soon.  I'm even hopeful that I'll be able to show off a washboard belly of my own at sometime in the future!

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  1. I have been doing the 'milk' diet for 3 weeks - 5 days 'normal'food and then 2 of milk and veg. The first week lost 2lbs. The second 1lb - but then last weekend most disappointed to find I had put2 back on!! I think this is a longterm thing, and it will take a month or so for my body to adjust to the different eating pattern.
    I think [hope] that my general appetite will decrease so eventually I shall want smaller portions on my 5 normal days. Aiming to be slimmer by Christmas which is just over 100 days away.

    Supporting you in your efforts to do likewise!!!
    blessings x