Tuesday, 25 September 2012

From Nature With Love xx

"Bring me the head of John the Baptist" commanded Dr Betty, our clinical psychologist as I walked out of the office for lunch on Friday.  All right, she didn't really say that.  She does go delving around inside people's heads but they remain firmly on their shoulders, at least as far as I know.  Those of her profession are a secretive bunch.  Who knows what goes on in their therapy sessions.

What she actually requested was that I brought her back something from nature.   Bless! So I inspected the bushes around the hospital car park and looked in vain for interesting stones on the way into town.  And then, boom!  The whole idea went out of my mind in a charity shop where I found a bargain item for a quid.  I came back to work brandishing a very versatile black maxi dress rather than something akin to a leaf.

But I quite liked the idea of the challenge which I returned to over the weekend with a bit more success. My offering left gift wrapped on Dr Betty's desk yesterday morning was this, found on the pavement near home.  I hope she was pleased with whatever it is as I didn't return to find out. Perhaps one of the more horticulturally inclined out there in the blogosphere can cast a bit of light for me?

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