Saturday, 8 September 2012

Grab It Whilst It's Hot

It's official!  Weekends with good weather are as rare as rocking horse droppings these days.  It must be so  if they become a newsworthy event when we have one.  As such, perhaps we need to make an extra-special effort to enjoy them.   Today's post has therefore been kept deliberately  short to encourage you to turn off those techno gadgets, and soak in that sunshine while it lasts.  Go on, slap on the tanning lotion, step outside  and get stuck into to doing  whatever floats your own little boat.  And in doing so, top up your Vitamin D levels at the same time. Your bones will thank you for it!

I've shaken off most of that nasty cold so it's off to Fishstock at Brixham  for  music, food and drink and a bit of frolicking with some of the gang from work. All in the good old open air with those healthful rays beating down!   Will be back tomorrow with a catch up. Now think carefully if you've got nothing planned. What could you do?

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  1. The promise of a sunny weekend hasn't yet materialised in my piece of deepest, darkest Lancashire. It is very grey and overcast, but I always have hope! So long as it doesn't rain - we have plans to paint all the render on the outside of the house this weekend! Have fun frolicking!