Tuesday, 11 September 2012

'Hoover' Making for a Pittance Anyone?

Knackered this morning and I know exactly why. I'm back in the swing of  normal term time life which means there's a monthly PTA committee meeting. Now I really don't mind the active work involved in this voluntary role, setting up events, risk planning and the like.  After all, it's for the benefit of my kid.  But sitting around a table for three hours after a hard day at work does my head in like nothing else.   Not only that, I'm so wound up after it finally finishes that I don't slip into the land of Nod until midnight.    Grrrrrrrr!  Let's have a  grumpy post that befits my sleep addled state!
Had I have not been strapped into my car seat  I would have fallen off my seat listening to the  BBC's Radio 4 Today Programme  on the way to work last Friday.  The wonderful James Dyson, whose business has grown in size since the recession was being interviewed. This forward thinking inventor and entrepreneur is in the brilliant position of being able to offer three hundred jobs in his UK business.  Half of these are engineers.  However there's a catch which the interviewer highlighted.  Those successful candidates will  get a starting salary of  just £28,000 with a joining bonus of another three thousand.  'Not bad' I thought.  'Only three grand less than my salary for a graduate job where I have twelve years experience'.

The interviewer went on.  'Aren't you going to have trouble filling those posts when the average starting salary in the city is £55,000?'  Mr Dyson concurred it would be difficult.     The South West NHS Pay Consortium are looking at ways of cutting my pay  to a level that a fresh out of college fledging 'hoover' designer might not consider getting out of bed for.  No wonder I'm fuming!

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