Monday, 10 September 2012

It's Official: Onion Bhajis are the Food of Romance!

Fancy getting jiggy but feeling a bit peckish?  Well, don't spoil the mood with oysters or chocolate.  How about rustling up a  shedload of bhajis instead?  For it seems that Bhaji Man thinks that spicy fried onions could be the aphrodisiac de jour.

I've had this  in the cupboard for a few months.   It was donated by Mama Lovelygrey who'd been gifted  a multitude of gluten free spice mixes from my brother and she kindly handed some over to me to try.  It's the kind of thing that I usually wouldn't buy for myself as I tend to cook from scratch but the ingredients here all look to be good stuff.

Rather than saving them for a 'beau'  I thought I'd try them out on Mr Metrosexual.  They're part of the reason for my pitifully poor Fishstock journalistic assignment.  Perhaps I could be a cookery writer instead of focusing on travel.  After all, didn't Delia Smith write a whole book about cooking with packet mixes?

Anyway here's the result.  Jolly tasty they were too and well worth the effort.  Much better than the supermarket versions and indeed some I've eaten in Indian restaurants.  We just sliced a couple of large onions, coated them in the spices, allowed the mixture to develop a paste-like consistency whilst drinking a gin and tonic in the garden and then fried them in shallow oil.  As Bhaji Man says, 'Yummy!  Yummy!'

£2.25 plus postage is a bit  over the odds for what I'd want to pay to buy more of this gentleman's spice mixes, good though they are.   But they've given me the confidence to go out, buy the gram flour and come up with a Mark II  easy-peasy  food of lurve all of my own.

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  1. My mouth is watering - which at 7 am, over onion bhajis, is rather unexpected. I look forward to a recipe for Mark II bhajis -maybe I'll be spicing up my breakfast in future...