Thursday, 6 September 2012

Laid Low by the Lurgy

Blogging is later than usual today as I've just woken up after a nap in a bed which looks like another version of Tracey Emin's.  In this one I'm rapidly building a life sized model of Mount Snowdon  in winter out of used tissues!

I don't normally 'throw a sickie'.  Instead I'm one of those annoying bleeders who struggle on regardless, moaning profusely and undoubtedly spreading their germs to all and sundry whilst continuing to make those metaphorical tanks, bombers and rifles.  This cold though has been that rare beastie that has defeated me.   If I move, the room spins,  I cough like a sixty-a-day smoker and Niagara Falls diverts its course and comes out of my nose.  Aside from not feeling my usual perky self it didn't seem fair to 'gift' this particular version of man flu to the frail elderly ladies and their carers that I was due to see on my travels around Devon.  Or indeed try to drive whilst juggling hankies.

So, instead I've been  saving petrol and Wandering Around the Web looking for pertinent facts about this common illness, which in the scheme of things is, of course, a minor ailment.  Why  oh why then, does it make us feel so rough?  That's the one answer I haven't found.  But in amongst the stuff about cures, symptoms, days of work lost,   goose fat and whiskey toddies there's an interesting piece from Dr Ben Kim,  a Canadian chiropracter and acupuncturist who is clearly from the 'What's don't kill you does you good' camp.  Not sure how scientific this stuff is but the view, that a cold can be a good thing, purging the body of nasties in its system,, makes entirely good sense to me.

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  1. I'm also one of those people who go into work, regardless, but moan incessantly about being ill. On balance, I don't think it's appreciated. Maybe Ill take a leaf out of your book, next time.