Monday, 24 September 2012

Leaf Cutter

It'll have to be a short one this morning because, unusually, I've overslept.  Not sure why as I was hardly living it up over the weekend.  Just a load of cleaning fuelled by restorative cuppas.  But so securely was I ensconced in the Land of Nod, that I didn't hear Louis when he knocked, rang the bell and kicked  the front door at 6:45am, having ran across from his Dad's house.  As it was  blowing a hoolie and tipping down he sheltered in the motorhome.   Ooops! I'm now trying to wake up fully by imbibing yet more restorative tea whilst he's downstairs tended by the  wide screened baby sitter!

I knew that this StumbleUpon would be a darned good resource when I needed a quickie, inspirational that is, and not one,  in the Carry On sense.  Ooh Matron!  It came up with the goods yesterday  by introducing me to the work of Spanish artist, Lorenzo Duran.  It just shows that you don't need a whole bunch of expensive material to come up with things of beauty.   For more leafy lovelies,  follow this link  and be in awe!

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  1. Amazing art work! I blame the rain and general greyness - I didn't wake up at the normal time today either, though I didn't get quite as far as oversleeping. Mind you, I still wouldn't have been able to do a post before getting on with the day!