Saturday, 29 September 2012

More Thrilling Than a Uniform Carrot

When I opened this  box glee bubbled up from the depths of my being  as this little army of multi-racial inhabitants of all different sizes revealed itself to me.  After all I am a simple soul that takes pleasure from the little things in life.   They're almost looked  too good to eat but since taking the picture, two have been fried and looked just as  photogenic with their gorgeously bright yellow yolks adorning slices of  buttered sourdough toast.  Yum!  So enticing that they slipped down nicely before I managed to take a shot.

 I hope you'll agree that these eggies, bought from a local farm are an antidote to food sold in supermarkets where it is ordained that  everything has to be identical in size, colour and shape.  Those identical offering are unlikely to induce the sense of excitement that I got when I saw these mismatched lovelies.  Marketing men take note!


  1. Oh so pretty! I love putting my eggs in my wire basket in the kitchen and admiring their variety of colour and size. Then I eat them!!!

    weekend blessings

  2. I feel the same about the community I live in. I love going on holiday , but I'm always glad to get home, where people come in different shades rather then just white.