Friday, 28 September 2012

OAP? My Arse!

Today's picture from Microsoft Clipart is entitled 'Smiling Senior Citizen Using a Fitness Scale'.  Now if this model is drawing her pension, I'll eat my hat, but only on a day where my calorie count isn't limited to 500 calories.   She's a woman after my own heart though.  The grey hair atop such a youthful face is a nice touch.

My 5:2 intermittent fasting diet, now in its third week is going swimmingly and I'm saying that as now the pounds have started to fall off.  Two already have disappeared from my waistline this week and people are starting to notice.  Thank's to my lovely colleague, Mr. Anonymous from Guyana, for being so observant yesterday!  I've got myself into a routine on fast days that seems to be working.  No breakfast, usual amounts of tea with semi-skimmed milk and two light meals at lunch and supper time.  Yesterday's offerings were a small serving of chickpea saute, with the teeniest dollop of oil and yoghurt dressing stirred in and a small 95 calorie wrap stuffed with homemade coleslaw where I've went very easy on the mayonnaise.  Just two tablespoons in a huge bowlful made from nearly a whole white cabbage.  On a day where I'd forgotten lunch, a Coop Prawn and Noodle salad which was a mere 140 calories sufficed.

It suits me to chop and change the days where my calorie intake is limited.  Friday's isn't normally good  but last week I had an evening meeting.  Bah!  As I was denied my post working week treat of slobbing out with wine and chocolate in front of the telly I thought I might as well go the whole hog with sufferance.  And what I do on fast days is also adapted so that I avoid temptation.  Batch cooking and eating out  are no-nos as are watching back episodes of 'The Great British Bake Off' on the BBC i-player.  Or any other cookery programme for that matter.

So, after three weeks I'm still hanging in there.  With weight loss kick started and the freedom to eat what I want to most of the time, it seems silly not to.


  1. Really pleased that the 5:2 is working for you. It hasn't suited me at all - seemed to lose 2-3lbs over the two days - but 2 days later had put it back on again, despite eating sensibly and not bingeing on non-diet days. Also I found I was having bad mood swings, I suspect that was from lack of carbs. Beloved tells me that I had become 'insufferable and totally not usual sunny self' !! So I have decided to go back to the GI diet eating plan instead.
    A bit miffed, I thought 5;2 would really suit me! SO very glad it is working for you though!!

    blessings xx

  2. ooo sounds a good one! Is there a post explaining this regime? Might work for me. Especially when busy at work and no time to even drink a cuppa ! Pray tell me more!

  3. I think we ought to be able to rent Mr Anonymous from Guyana............

  4. Hi Angela - sorry it doesn't work for you. Just goes to show how different we are.

    Eeek - if you follow the link in the post you'll get back to my original post which has got one for the Horizon programme where the idea came from. Not sure if the actual programme's available on BBC i-player anymore but if it's not - wait for a repeat. They do come up.

    menopausalmusing - LOL but I'm afraid Mr AFG cannot currently be rented. I'll put the proposition to hin when I'm next in the office though! x