Friday, 7 September 2012

Shop Back In Time

Today, courtesy of  vintage sellers on Ebay and elsewhere in cyberspace,  I'm going to take you on a little journey around those defunct clothes stores that I gawped at or, at the cheaper end of the market, spent my pennies in during my youth.  First up, one that was out of my price range yesteryear and quite possibly is today.  I was going to stick to clothes and accessories but couldn't resist this totally covetable, funky wirework mannequin, an  fitting from Biba's original store.   I'd just love one of my readers with sufficient wonga to go ahead and buy this beauty.

Let's move on down the yesteryear high street to another store that was much more my stomping ground.  Here's a saggy baggy Nordic sweater dress from Chelsea Girl that I could well have worn in my late teens to coordinate with those tight, tight jeans that I had to do up with a coathanger whilst writhing on the floor.  I understand that River Island has revived its predecessor's iconic brand and there are clothes in store as we speak.

What amazed me was that there are still vintage Salisbury's bags in existence.  Mine were so poorly made that they always fell apart with use on just one or two occasions. This is reminiscent of the old school briefcases that we used to carry in the days before rucksacks and messenger bags became de rigueur.

Now some of the old shops were full of tat and deserved to close but it's a puzzle why others didn't survive.  I used to love the gorgeous displays of rainbow coloured jumpers in Benetton  that were really soft and comfy to wear.  In a modern day virtual shopping spree though, it's this denim jacket with a gorgeous and unusual embroidered back that caught my eye.

Wasn't there a lot more shoe shops?  I seem to remember being dragged around a million of them down Southend High Street by my Mum.  I can't say that I remember seeing anything like these red leather kinky boots in Freeman, Hardy and Willis.

Now, my memory is becoming hazier.  I remember the name but do not recall that Van Allan sold clothes in the 1970s that were this darned funky.  I always thought that they were like the safe, staid, mumsy .....

..... Richards Shop!  Then again this zingy lime green number from there looks pretty good to me today.

And long gone from these shores although still around in Europe who can forget the cheap and cheerful C&A.   I love this gorgeous Clockhouse range woolly coat but isn't the seller taking the biscuit by asking for a staggering £180?!

Now I'd have liked to have refreshed my memory about what was sold at the rather pompous sounding 'Lady at Lord John' but alas! my search was in vain.  So inside I'll leave you with something far more iconic.  How about this maxi-dress from Mary Quant?

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  1. That Biba mannequin is fabulous but mostly I'm lusting after the Van Allan dress. It was my favourite shop to be dragged round as a child, full of cool frocks, fake furs and shirts with collars so sharp they'd have your eyes out! Their accessories concession was called Baggage and General...I know, I'm such a 1970s geek! xxx