Sunday, 23 September 2012

The Cupcake Kid

I'm hitting a quiet spot in my  calendar.  Secret things are planned,  at the end of October and the beginning of November, to be shared at a later date, that fill me with excitement.  But for now, stretched before me are  a few weekends with nothing in particular to do.  That's a good thing.   However, enjoyable my summertime gallivanting has been, everyone needs time for taking stock, pootling around and doing spontaneous things in their own home.  That include me and Lou.

So this weekend, after leisurely lie ins, I've been giving Lovelygrey Cottage a mini-spring clean so it's ready for a month of crafting, writing and jewellery selling.  Today I'll tackle upstairs but yesterday, downstairs got a good spit and polish.  My kitchen was looking particularly sparkly until Louis ran in, wanting to make cupcakes to sell to the neighbours on behalf of the NSPCC.  'Fine' I said.  'Here's the recipe, there's the ingredients.  Off you go!'

It's a mark of how grown up he's getting that my nine year old can rustle up something from a recipe pretty much independently.  I helped with the oven and food processor assemblage but that was pretty much it.  But that newly cleaned workspace looked like it had undergone  a mini holocaust  involving flour .  So there was tidying up again whilst Louis went out selling his wares to neighbours.  It's a mark of how safe our village is that he can do that on his own even when he hadn't returned home after an hour.
I do not fear abduction or anything bad, just wonder where he's got to.

I found him a few cul-de-sacs away with an empty tray and twelve pounds in his apron pocket, surrounded by other small boys with lurid icing around their mouths.  It'll be good to see what other schemes that he comes up with over the next few weeks when he doesn't have everything planned for him and has time to play with.


  1. Now that's a fine, independent, caring young man you have there.

  2. Thanks - I'm very proud of him! x

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  4. Hi Aria - Shucks! I'm so glad you like my blog. My email address should be showing in my profile now. x