Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Tick: Development Milestone Reached!

Forget uttering my name ( albeit incorrectly as Mee-Ma),  taking those first tentative steps across the floor, breaching the school threshold in a crisp new uniform,  playing outside in the street without my watchful eye.  Even the transition from those troublesome nappies to proper pants pales into insignificance when I consider Louis' latest achievement on the developmental timeline.  It  has important implications for my quality of life hhereafter. As from today,  I can lounge  in bed just that little bit longer and enjoy that first essential cuppa of the day even more.   I'm sure that it will taste much better when  it's been made and carried up the stairs by someone else!


  1. Now that is a fabulous bit of progress!

  2. Wait till the day you buy something that is "flat packed" and he says: "Have you got a screwdriver mum? I'll do it". Your heart will surely burst...... (mine nearly did!).

  3. Ah! but he does that already. Really! x