Saturday, 15 September 2012


Yonks back I wrote about my memories of feeling spooked on the banquet looking out onto the monks' refectory at Prittlewell Priory in my home town of Southend of Sea. Then, I was unable to test the theory of whether this was truly a haunted spot or I was just a scaredy cat child as the place was closed for a major renovation.  Back in June it re-opened as a museum so today, on a brief trip back to the land of Mama and Papa Lovelygrey, I was able to go and see if I could replicate those childhod heebie jeebies.

So, with much trepidation, I climbed the stairs to the first floor where the balcony is situated and walked across the hall to the steps down to it.  I expected that all too familiar chill down the back of my neck and a sense of being very spooked but,sorry to disappoint.  Neither Mama Lovelygrey nor I felt a sausage although the room attendant did say that some people still felt spooked up there.  Our hair standeth up not on end.  Perhaps the ghoulies were having a day off or  have been scared off by all that building work.  Let's hope that the hunters on a ghost walk scheduled for the end of October have a little bit more luck!

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