Sunday, 28 October 2012

'A Child Could Do That!'

Now I reckon that the phrase that makes up today's title must be one of the most common uttered in  art galleries around the world.  It's the cry of the bemused lovers of traditional landscape or portraiture when confronted with more modernist forms of expression, swiftly followed by 'How much!!!!' if there's a price tag involved.  But get this. The latest picture, now proudly gracing the walls of Lovelygrey Cottage is a sublime piece of complex abstract blah, blah, blah! I truly love it for its  brooding complexity.  What story did the artist mean these eerie figures to tell?

'Oh that', said Louis when I discovered this treasure in his school bag.  'Did you know that's charcoal.  It's a load of rubbish!'  I beg to differ and now for the price of a £3.29 frame it's got pride of place on my wall.   With Christmas coming up parents out there may like to re-evaluate their own kid's art and see which pieces might make it as worthy objets d'art for those friends and family members who're more into Mondrian and Miro than Monet!


  1. It's a lot more interesting than those I saw in the Ropewalk Gallery a couple of weeks ago. £300 - £600....HOW MUCH !!!!

  2. Have you 'fixed' the charcoal to the paper? Fine hair-spray will do it.

  3. Hi Toffeapple - I think the teacher had already done that because its not a bit smudgy! x