Saturday, 13 October 2012

Blankie Bargain

There's enough unfinished projects around Lovelygrey Cottage without having anymore that wrack me with guilt.  So the hankering to learn to crochet that has been bubbling us inside me is being steadfastly ignored.  The lust for a granny blanket has therefore had to be assuaged, not by months of cursing over dropped stitches and tangled wool, but by forking out just under fifty quid, on a suitable  Ebay purchase.  An heirloom textile piece indeed.   I have to confess that the postage cost just tipped it over the half ton as it's a weighty item.  But goodness knows how much you'd pay for a handcrafted eighty four inch beauty in a chi-chi designer boutique!  Or indeed for the wool if you made your own.

This beautiful creation with its jewel-like colours is now brightening up my lounge draped over the back of the sofa,  ready to be removed when needed to counter the increasingly pervasive nip in the air.    There's plenty room for both me and Louis under it.  Its large size means that we're not fighting for snuggle space.  If I continue to resist turning on that heating for a little bit longer, and drop my thermostat an extra degree or two when I do, perhaps my savings could go  towards another one to grace the chaise-longue.  Maybe I'll go for the more common design with pieced together from coloured squares.  But with so many reasonably priced examples on the auction site to choose from  I can't predict what might take my fancy.

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