Thursday, 4 October 2012

Day Out in Devon: Burgh Island

Daahlings!  Here's where I treated myself to a working girl's lunch the other day when I was on visits nearby. Not in the iconic Art-Deco hotel that was one of Agatha Christie's favourite haunts. There's a  number of reasons for this.  They only  allow non-residents in on Sundays and charge a cool £48 for the pleasure.  Also I don't really do formal, preferring festivals and pubs.  Although if some handsome (and non stuffy) millionaire were asking.....

Photo: Jolly Janner
No, happy 'pleb' that I am, I sat in the car park on the mainland opposite this tidal  island  munching on my wrap and a banana.  At low tide, you can wander over, as demonstrated by the strangers in my shot.  I wonder if I was supposed to get their permission to include them in my photo? When the tide is in,  the trip over gets a little more adventurous.  For a undetermined price, this long legged sea tractor, built by a former hotel guest in exchange for a case of champagne, will take you across.

Now what can a commoner do once you're on the island and not keen on indulging yourself with a botox treatment in the hotel.  How about a beer at the Pilchard Inn?  Or a walk on the many footpaths?  And for the more adventurous a circumnavigatory swim might fit the bill.  Probably best not done alone methinks!  Here's a link to some chums who'll go with you if you're up for it!

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  1. I had a beer at the Inn, and a walk around, before the tide came in.