Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Does This Writing Spook You?

There's often an aural soundtrack on my drives to Tavistock where I head to 'heal the sick',  on the way dodging beasts who seem oblivious to the damage that a car can do to them. And I took as much pleasure from the discussion about the dying art of handwriting on today's  'Start the Week' With Andrew Marr' on Radio 4 as I did from the ethereal misty moorland landscape outside.  

Penning pieces in the literal sense was, for me, a frustrating and largely fruitless experience.  Until the birth of word processing I found it almost impossible to commit  ideas to paper, unlike some of the contributors who saw scribing as an essential part of the creative process.  In my own mind there seems to be a muddle of ideas that could only be unravelled  once ongoing editing and  prodigious use of the  'cut and paste' function were allowed by technology.  Each to their own, I say.    What works for one doesn't make it a good fit for someone else  Perhaps that why I was sometimes annoyed by the overzealous use of the word 'should'.   But then I was also fascinated by the ideas expressed about what someone's script can tell about them as a person, even perhaps down to whether they are ill or not.  The range of emotions that the programme elicited was one of the reasons that I found it challenging and enjoyable.

As I was hurtling down the hill into Widecombe after naturally avoiding two nonchalent, curly haired bullock milling around in the middle of the road, talk turned to Hitler's writing.  The view that it was 'revolting' seemed so generally held that I was intrigued.   It spurred me on to see what emotions it evoked within me.  Would  I be similarly repelled?  Well,  having now gained sight of it I can't honestly can't say that I was.  But I'm posting a sample here so that readers can gauge the personal effect that it has on them.

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  1. I think it would have been better to ask if the writing spooked anyone before saying who it belonged to - knowing who's handwriting it is will naturally 'repel' anyone.
    There is a whole host of things that can be gleaned from a persons handwriting, and yes, as you say, even ailments can be picked up on.
    Be careful when you write ! you can give away such things as: liars, cheats, depressives,people with head in the clouds, eternal dreamers,optimism, practical natures,outgoing, withdrawn, etc. etc.,
    In France and a lot of European countries, graphology is still used a lot to analyse a persons character when applying for a job
    It's a fascinating subject which can't be covered in a tiny square like this !
    How do I know ?
    I'm a Graphologist (Handwriting analyst)