Thursday, 18 October 2012

Even Better than a Birkin Bag

Late posting today with good reason.  My laptop is nearly ever so completely f****d.  Excuse the swearing but it really justified here. Hey! with a bit of analytical thinking I may have just stumbled upon the reason.  Hence I able to blog again, albeit a bit slowly   Now it's just about sorting the beast out in my guise as clever little girlie engineer.

Back at 6am this morning I intended to show you my latest impulse purchase.  Not bags or shoes like other normal females of the species but a glorious squash box from Riverford Farm.  I've got a thing about fruit and veg and have been known to be strangely drawn to obsessively purchase aesthetically pleasing knobbly  lemons before.  So  yer 'tiz  as they say in these parts.  These glorious fruit  made my heart sing much more than any designer leather article could.  Now it's just a question of using these beauties in a bevy of autumnal culinary guises!

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  1. I nearly succumbed to one of these but had to reign myself in for Stoptober. It looks great.