Saturday, 20 October 2012

Everyone Farts at Yoga

Here is quite a nice man doing yoga.  None of the blokes in my class looked like him.  There was a sweet deaf eighty something old boy and the occasional itinerant ageing hippy.  Perhaps that why I'm not going at the moment.

 Nah! I'm not really that much of a letch.  It's a question of priorities.  The real reason is that, I currently value nights in  being a sloth at Lovelygrey Cottage rather too much.

Anyway.....this pose is called pavana mukta asana, the wind relieving pose, and I'm posting this link with the instructions on how to do it because it really works.  Poor little Scary Secretary looked like she was four months pregnant yesterday.  Which isn't possible.  Like me she's a single mum who hasn't had a sniff of baby making action  in yonks.  And she's not the Virgin Mary so immaculate conception did not account for her condition either.  The culprit was thought to be the wheaty coating on peanut M&Ms.  She was in a lot of pain so, I came up with the idea of easing it with a bit of yoga, based on the fact that about 90% of people who stop going to classes, do so after an episode of debilitatingly embarrassing flatulence.

I persuaded her to carry out the moves.  Et voila!  Flat tummy miraculously restored and no more stomach ache.  Even more amazing was that there was no noxious gaseous emissions.  The wind must have just dispersed.  So if you're ever in the same predicament, give it a go before reaching for the Wind-ezes.

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