Monday, 15 October 2012

Frying Tonight!

Hand torn wheaten tortillas chips lightly fried in rapeseed oil and finished with a scattering of sea salt.  Doesn't that just sound like something that would come from Waitrose or Marks and Sparks with a price tag way out of kilter with the weight of the contents of the packet?  Well, it's just something that I knocked up last night with half a packet of tortillas from Asda that had gone a bit stiff.  I reckon the total cost for two plastic containers full worked out at just over fifty pence.  Unsurprisingly only one lunchbox worth made it beyond the cooking process.  They were just so irresistible that they got nibbled whilst going along!

To recreate this yourself, coat a frying pan with oil and once it's hot, tear in pieces of tortilla.  They only take a minute or so to cook each side.  You'll get a feel for how long after you've burnt a batch!  Drain on kitchen paper and sprinkle with seasalt.  Ideal with dips, or as I found out, just munched on their own warm from the pan.

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  1. Ha!! read this just after eating breakfast cooked by my beloved. He made scrambled eggs - but finding no bread in the house, cut a tortilla into 8 triangles and deep fried it. It was FABULOUS. I think there is room for a cookbook on 100 things to do with tortillas. They are so inexpensive, the unopened packs keep well, and as you say, can be 'tarted up' to taste like you paid a fortune for them in M&S or Waitrose.

    blessings x