Thursday, 11 October 2012

Hair Down on a School Day

'I have a dream'.  So said Martin Luther King, Abba and er, Lovelygrey!  Mine is not so pie in the sky either.  It's not as if I'm after marrying George Clooney, becoming a pop star or owning a da Vinci painting.  No, its eminently achievable so yesterday, after work I started taking practical steps to bring my own little castle in the air firmly down to ground level.  I'm keeping it secret from you lot though at the current time but will reveal all when my scheming has firmed up further.

After the serious work of realising dreams  I decided that a little bit of R & R was in order. A mini pub crawl and then back to a friend's house for a nightcap and Whoa! it was midnight.    No regrets though.   I had lots of fun and laughs and have decided that my own self-made rule about going to bed early on a 'school' night occasionally needs to be well and truly broken!

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