Monday, 22 October 2012

I Can See Clearly Now

I've been looking back through my previous posts which amount to nearly nine hundred in total.  It amazes me that I haven't been 'discovered' as a columnist by one of the quality newspapers yet. Ah well, in the absence of someone arriving at my door begging me to give up occupational therapy and write for their rag, I'll just keep plodding on here at lovely grey day.

What also surprised me, along with lack of recognition for my literary genius akin to that of Shakespeare and Dickens, was that I'd only briefly mentioned my SAD lamp once.  It's one of the bevy of things that I do to keep my depression in check alongside medication and self management techniques.  These have in the past included addressing issues around self esteem using an excellent set of workbooks by Melanie Fennell.  You can tell that's worked by the fact that there's not a hint of self effacement in what I've written above!

Anyway back to the lamp.  I haven't a clue whether it does anything to keep me perky and able to jest in a  big headed kind of way.  NICE, the National Institute of Excellence, say in their guidance on depression, that they aren't sure if it makes a difference either. What  I do know is that it is a bloody good source of  10,000 lux source of  light that keeps me happy by allowing me to read and sew with ease, in spite of failing eyesight.  Goodness knows how I used to manage to digest loads of Enid Blyton books under the bed covers armed just with a keyring torch.  I'm showing this model and is the exact same as the one I've got and is reasonably priced.  It might be of benefit to all those crafters out there for whom close work is a no-no as the nights set in.  Keeping busy doing  those things that you really enjoy, will definitely be a tonic for those winter blues!

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