Monday, 8 October 2012

In No Particular Order:One Hundred Things I Did This Weekend

Took in a Panoramic View lPicked up PinslCommented on the Blog of OtherslBought New Cheapo Wine Glasses to Replace Those That Had Met Their Maker lCut HairlPolitely Turned Down a Man Who Wanted to Wash My CarlTried to Make an Arrow out of FlintlDrank TealResearched Ruching and French SeamslBreakfasted on Mushrooms on ToastlWatched a Sparrowhawk Find its PreylScoured the Charity ShopslDreamed of a House by the SealForwarded a Facebook CauselGoogled Evening Primrose Oil and CitalopramlRead Weekend SupplementslAdmired the Art of Laurie SteenlShared Bottled BeerlTook a Wrong TurnlMade BreadcrumbslBought Fun Snaps for Louis' Christmas StockinglTried to Make a Spark with FlintlUnpicked a SeamlPrised the Kids Away from the TellylPlayed on a See SawlWondered if I Could Take Cuttings from BamboolCharged my ToothbrushlLet the Kids Borrow a Big Hammer to Play WithlIroninglChecked my StatslUsed up LeftoverslFound Out About the Existence of Yet Another 'Global Mega-Star' That Had Passed Me BylFried FritterslParked BadlylFroze Cheap MeatlUntangled an Unholy Mess Under the Footplate of the Sewing MachinelBought a PumpkinlLost a Pair of Reading GlasseslTook PhotographslTrimmed the Grass a Little BitlCraved Green VegetableslReplaced a Mingin' Basket in the Bathroom with Something Much More DurablelSent Louis to his Dad's House When I was About to Lose ItlVisited an Ice Cream ParlourlUsed Something Other than Running Stitch on My Sewing MachinelRefused to Buy Sweets for the Kids and Threw Louis into a Sulk as a ResultlBroke a SpatulalHad a Mini Lie-InlMoved the Home of the Biscuit TinlWatched 'Miranda'lChanged a Sewing Machine FootlDecluttered My HandbaglFound an Earring in my PrinterlPicked up Other People's LitterlProcrastinated About.....I'll Tell You Another Day!lFed Louis and a FriendlGot a Tax RefundlRead in Bed with a CuppalThrew away Dead PenslPlucked a Hair from my Chinny Chin ChinlCleaned Pink and Black Mould off Bathroom TileslSewed a Straight SeamlListened to 'Our Correspondent' on Radio 4lDefrosted SquidlDegunked the Dishwasher TraplListened a Bit More to Radio 4lMade Dressmaking Pattern Out of NewspaperlSnoozed in the ConservatorylTold Abi Off For Snitching on LouislPicked up PinslStumbled a LittlelHad a Meaningful ChatlOrganised my Winter WardrobelFound Out Louis' HeightlBloggedlGot the Washing DrylChecked My Rating on TechnoratilGot Angry About People Abusing ChildrenlAte Crab SandwicheslWatched a Sewing Machine Needle Fall Out Mid-SeamlAccidentally Upturned a Box of JewellerylHad Mushrooms on Toast for BreakfastlShowered Quickly to Save WaterlWalked in the WoodslTidied my Desk DrawerlCongratulated Myself on Getting Away with One Washload This WeeklPhoned a FriendlLocated a Lost SocklCuddled my SonlChatted to the Guys in Go Ape At Haldon ForestlThrew Away the Unsuccessful Homemade Ice Cream That Would Never Be EatenlFound a Home for a Packet of Ground CuminlPlaced a Bid for a Crochet BlanketlHoped, Against the Odds, That the Missing Little Girl in Wales Would be Found Safe and WelllBoxed up Leftovers for LunchlReplaced a Lost WogglelPlayed Around with a Sound Generating Programl Cut out MateriallEmptied the Dishwasherl
......And Wondered How Bored I'd Be If I Didn't Work!!!!!!!


  1. Loved this post, absolutely LOVED IT. I watched a sparrow hawk too. It tried to "take out" a pigeon whilst it was bathing in a puddle by our gate. I heard the flapping and could not believe what I was seeing. The sparrow hawk then flew into a tree about ten feet from where I was standing and sat looking at me.

  2. Oh, and I forgot to say that I often go over to Advanced Style after reading you...... loving the style of Wanny Di Filippo which you have a picture of today in your side bar.