Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Like a Sausage or a Snake

Apologies to anyone with a squeamish disposition today, especially if you're eating.  Us hardened NHS clinicians sometimes forget that other out there are more lily livered souls out there who don't view bodily functions or infected wounds as  perfectly reasonable topics for meal time discussion.

In global terms the wonderful city of Bristol is just down the road from me, a mere hundred miles away.  This fine place has given us the SS Great Britain, Banksy, Wallace, Gromit, Methodism, Billy Butlins, sherry and glass and this, probably its finest invention. The Bristol Stool Scale' is a proper clinical tool, being used on hospital wards around the world as I type this ditty. Whilst it serves to measure gut motility it's also a masterpiece of comic genius.  I'm pleased to see that others share my puerile toilet humour as when I Googled it I found it depicted on T-shirts, mugs, a tie,  a dog coat and, most pleasingly of all, a cook's apron!

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