Friday, 19 October 2012

Lovelygrey's Friday Challenge

Much of our time we wander around blinkered.  Not literally I hasten to add. Driving, cooking and cutting toenails would be rather more hazardous activities with obscured sight.  No, what I mean is that we scurry around in a dazing without  noticing all the intricate detail in the environments that we live and work in.

Take for example, this tree on the wall of the former police station in the square at Tavistock.  I must have passed by dozens of times before I registered this intricate and interesting piece of ceramic work, made by Rosie Fierek.  As the little 'notice board' on the right of the installation says, the trunk shows the history of the town and the fruit depict scenes from life there today as described by schoolchildren.  And there we go again.  I'd clocked that what, at first sight, looked liked textured bark was in fact pictorial but missed the significance of the fruit.

So my challenge today is for everyone who reads this to go out with seeing eyes and find something in the space that they inhabit that has gone unnoticed before.  For some, stonking tings will miraculously appear before them, like this bloody great tree, that you wouldn't have expected me to miss in a month of Sundays.  For others it will be about discovering  the fantastic in the ordinary.   So, following the advice of Auntie Mabel,  who'll be familiar to British parents with school aged chidren:  'Look up, look down, look all around'.

Is it true that there are particularly rich pickings in my part of Devon, a renowned beauty spot steeped in history? Or are there wonders to be discovered everywhere wherever you may be.  Perky optimist that I am, I suspect the latter!

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