Sunday, 21 October 2012

Odds, Sods and Gummi Bears

Photo:  Thoms Baugis
Every so often it seems like a good idea to give an update on previous posts.  It may be that things I'm doing have progressed, I've found out something new about the subject matter or, I forget to say something that I meant to write in the first place.  So today's offering is a place where I'm going to do a bit of that, starting with.....

  • Last month I shared some shots where peeps, with rather more time on their hands than I've got, had played with their food. Alix from Used to Bees posted in a similar vein.  What she found was grrrreat as recommended by Tony the Tiger.  Anyway, here's my latest find, the gummy bear batallion!  432 brave little soldiers who took two and a half hours to line up.  There were casualities though.  Thirty two of their compatriots were eaten in the process.
  • When I wrote about the hidden costs of child rearing, I forgot to mention the inordinate amounts of toilet paper they use, way more than Meanqueen's 'two for a wee and three for a poo' rule would allow.
  • Unlike Scarlet and Eeek, who are going to shiver on for a little longer, I am a wimp and have succumbed to a bit of heating round here.  However, I've turned the thermostat down a degree on last year and ditched the automatic timer, only turning the heating on when I need it at home. (Oh, and by the way, if you read this Scarlet, can you send the link to your private blog again because it didn't work).
  • Two that I forgot to add to my charity shop bargains post.  Against popular advice you CAN have too many little black dresses, or in my case stripey tops. Also look for what you're short of in your wardrobe.  I could do with a few more long lightweight jumpers but am all maxxed out on long and short skirts.
  • I thought that someone had mentioned evening primrose oil in relation to relieve of menopause symptoms but when I've searched back I can't find their comment.  Anyway, I've tried it with good effect.  Tiredness is much less of a problem, unless I have a late night out of course! Thanks for the tip whoever if was!

Right, that's cleared my mind of some debris that's been floating about up there.  More updates soon, including an intermittent fasting update which deserves a post of its own.


  1. Looking forward to the interrmittent fasting update, as I've been considering that since I first read about it on the BBC website.

    Onward, GummiArmy! :)

    (BTW, I've been following your blog for a while and enjoy it, but I don't post comments on blogs very much anymore because of the "prove you're not a robot" fails. I hope this one gets through!)

  2. Ah! It got through but you still could be a robot! x