Wednesday, 17 October 2012

On the Back of An Envelope

Here's something interesting that I've 'Stumbled Upon'.  I'd hoped to embed a video in this post but it just won't let me.  Shucks!  You'll just have to follow this link instead to see it.  It's from Daily Finance, an American site and shows a savings experiment where a living room is kitted out as cheaply as possible from three different stores. Funnily enough, none of them are on Newton Abbot high street.  There is an Asda though, part of the Walmart family which was one of the brands under consideration.  As you can see from this still the total spend for furnishing and other bits and bobs here was $342.55.  I've just googled the exchange rate and that's equivalent to £212.39.  So can Asda come up with similar goods for the same price?

Well nearly but no.  I reckon that if you bought the cheapest items available the total spend from Asda Direct would be £239.50.  That's for  a sofa, coffee table, two lamps, five picture frames, an end table, a light fixture, TV stand, candles, a magazine rack and shelving.  Quite a lot of stuff for the money I think you'll agree.  But can Lovelygrey do better by finding equivalent quality secondhand goods on Ebay?  Lets see what I've found by  trawling the completed items section and confining myself to things I can pick up locally to save on postage costs.

Relyon Sofa Bed £80 vs. Asda Turin Sofa £145.

Light Oak Effect Coffee Table £8.50 vs. Asda Value Range Coffee Table £18.

Two Whacky Airplane Lamps £6 vs. Two Asda Funky Pink Table Lamps £6.

Three Plastic and Two Wooden Picture Frames (pictured) £3  vs. Asda  White Angled or Smart Price Clip Frames £5.

I've put the boat out here!

1970s Table £14.95 vs. Asda Smart Price Side Table £12.

Retro Glass Shade 99p  vs. Asda Square or Chimney Shade £5.

I could have opted for a cheaper one adorned with footballs for £3 but didn't think it would do anything for the ambience of a living room!

Glass TV Stand £1.04 vs.  Asda Smart Price £19

A Selection of Candles 99p  vs. Asda £3.50 for two.

Teak Magazine Rack £2 vs. Asda Rush Magazine Rack £7

Wooden Shelves £8.17 vs. Asda Smart Price Bookcase £19.

The total cost of my virtual foray: £125.64.  That's enough over to source a few lovely rugs, throws and cushions to make that super cheap living room a bit more cosy!


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  2. Very clever - I can see you did a lot of work for this. I'd go for the second hand every time. Likely to be better quality and have a bit more 'personality'.

  3. Not sure who removed Alix's comment or why. It seemed fine to me!