Wednesday, 31 October 2012

On, Off and On Again

Now it's well off a month since I gave you an update on my intermittent fasting progress. So here goes.  I'm going to admit, to not one but two acts of amazing stupidity in the process.

I think that it was during week three when I had a blood test showing that, not only was I menopausal but that my blood sugars were higher than the diabetes threshold.  There'd been a fast day previous to the test and when evening came I'd only used 400 of my 500 daily calorie allowance.  It was then that I reckoned that the balance could be made up by that glass of chilled white left in the fridge.  This was then followed the next morning by a breakfast of doughy white bread, an unhealthy little splurge that must have been too much for my body to cope with.

So, I was commanded to undergo another blood sugar test by our practice nurse.  Rather than doing the sensible thing and eating a balanced diet for a week I thought 'Bollocks!'  5:2 intermittent fasting ceased. Call me hedonistic,  reckless or just a proper 'nana:  Instead I commenced a seven day period of gluttony and excess comprising of sweet stuff and alcohol, just  in case those pleasures were barred to me by a diabetes diagnosis.  Unfortunately all the weight I'd lost was negated by this exercise.

Test day came and went.  Then yippee! The results were normal.  So back to a fasting regime but this time I've skewed the definition of a day.   My 500 calorie allowance begins at supper time one day.  Then I resume eating normally at the same meal the next day.  This is repeated twice weekly. And there's been no more wine making up part of the calorie count, just sensible healthy food and white tea.  Again the pounds aren't dropping off but with this regime where the periods of fasting are spread over two waking days, the hunger pangs are bearable.  With a little more exercise in the mix, I hoping that this secures a healthy, happy future and repairs the damage cause by my big blip!

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