Friday, 26 October 2012

Penny Pinching Payday

Woo woo!, it's payday!  The traditional time of the month for a massive spending spree.  So, what could  I buy with that seemingly stonking amount of money that's burning a hole in my proverbial pocket that includes a little bit left over from the October pay packet.  Well, that extraordinarily dangerous shop, Seasalt,  just up the hill from work in Totnes and friend of  baristas everywhere,  has a jumper that I love  (I'll show you it here). Now that I've discovered the rich pickings in granny blankets on Ebay, I'm tempted to go mad there too.   Or a massage perhaps?  I've been hankering after one of those for a while now.

But hang on!  Since separation my finances have got a little more complicated and much less elastic.  The move from two salaried home with no monthly mortgage interest to one wage and rented accommodation has meant changes in my spending.  I'm okay but have to be way more careful.  So, I'll content myself with topping up the gas and buying food for the meal I'm cooking for a friend tonight.   And I'll remind myself that those new acquisitions might not seem so bright and shiny at the end of next month if it becomes impossible to balance the budget.

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