Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Shedding Light, Saving Space

A phone is almost the last thing that my Samsung Galaxy  is.  It's my shopping list, calendar, diary, music system, calculator, information source , spare camera and Louis' games console to name just a few of its most frequently used functions.  That last item is current causing a bit of consternation in the Lovelygrey home. I'm a little sick of being notified every time a dragon or tiny animal hatches in one of his virtual lands or retrieving the handset from his clutches whenever I need to use it. 'Who is paying the bills around here?' I ask myself.  Still it's stopped him nagging me for an upgraded DS.

What I love about modern technology is its multi-functionality.   I don't need to clutter up my home with gadgets or media storage like CDs or DVDs anymore. Just one single thing does a multitude of tasks.  Who'd have thought, back in the 1970s, that anything could be more whizz bang  than my cherished Texas TI 30 scientific calculator that freed me from the drudgery of the logarithm table?  And now I'm always keen to discover some other item of equipment that I can dispense with.  Did you know that, with a simple free download  you too can turn an  i-phone or android into a torch?

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