Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The Hidden Costs of Kids

According to the Guardian it costs a whopping £218,000 to raise a child in the UK these days.  To my surprise, that doesn't factor in an Etonian education and skiing holidays at Klosters, although it does assume that you'll finance the cost of university accommodation and tuition fees.  So much for offspring standing on their own two feet in adulthood!

I'm was having trouble fathoming out just how Louis would manage to leech just over £10,000 per annum out of the household budget even though he's been raised to expect much more than the one holiday a year budgeted for in the article. And then it came to me.  Ch-ching!, a lightbulb moment.  Those clever researchers have taken account of all  the fuel wasted when kids leave every light on and  door open.  And they've  also included the extra costs of cleaning up spillages and the replacement costs of breakages associated with all those 'Oops Mum, it was just an accident' moments!

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  1. According to the figures on the website I should have spent over £422,000 raising my children. As J's net salary is £13k, that would be 32 years wages spent solely on them. I do wonder which world some people live in - it's certainly not mine, or that of anyone else I know.