Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Thrice Fried

I worked it out that, last week, I did seven and a half hours of voluntary work for the school PTA and the Scout Group.  That's on top of working a full-time week.  Hmm!  No wonder I don't have much time left over for crafting.  The situation might need reviewing in the New Year  Once organisations have got their claws into you there's an expectation that you'll help out more and more. I heard on the  grapevine that an old friend had to rein in her volunteering through stress. Maybe what clubs and societies should be focusing on is getting others involved to share the load.  Anyway, lets get Moaning Minnie out of my system and knock this mornings rant on the head.

A particularly strenuous evening shopping for the school disco left me feeling that the floor had been wiped with my fatigued body.  I decided not to cook but instead resort to the Chinese.  Salt and pepper squid, sweet and sour chicken and oodles of chips for me and Lou.   And jolly good it was too.  Not a vegetable aside the spuds in sight but it has to be done sometimes.  Of course, with eyes bigger than bellies there was stacks of food left over.  The chicken and squid sufficed for another rushed meal of unbalanced nutritional content the next day before I helped out at cubs but there was still a shedload of cold chips left over.  Don't they look appetising?  Believe me the visual appearance was nothing compared to their taste.  Something must happen to the starch when they cool down.  They were dee-sgusting!

I decided to experiment on the bin fodder rather than chucking it away immediately.  After all, I had nothing to lose.  So, based on the principle that Heston Blumenthal cooks his fries three times I decided to give mine an extra go in the pan.  Just shallow fried and tossed in a little sunflower oil, along with some cherry tomatoes.  I also warmed through the remainder of Sunday's chicken roast.

The result was lusher than I could have believed.  Crispy, crispy chips with a light fluffy middle and super moist garlic infused chicken.  Yum!  Just the excuse I need to 'go large' on my next  takeaway visit.

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