Monday, 1 October 2012

'Tis the Time of Year.....

.....when that nip in the air has become a bit pervasive and a girl's thoughts turn to her winter wardrobe.  I've been up in the loft retrieving my warmer clothes that were shrink wrapped and put away in April.  Hello gorgeously flamboyant vintage cardie: I've missed you! Then I was back up there after saying goodbye to my summer gear and heaving that up into the dark space at the top of my home, out of sight and mind until the lighter and warmer spring days.

My policy of buying things to last that I elaborated on yonks ago has certainly paid off.  Unlike in the old days where I dressed myself any old cheap, and not so cheap, tat   I don't feel the need to replace clothes quite so often these days.  However there is a 'but'.  As a bit of a junkie there will always be things that I see and can't quite resist.  But my planned winter wardrobe spending is down to its lowest level yet.

Firstly I've shelled out on a new gilet,  via the Quidco website to get a bit of a saving of course. This beauty from Fat Face  replaces my six year old grey one from Joules which is finally looking a bit lumpen and has gone under the arms.  This is an item of clothing that I wear to death and I'm hopping that my investment will pay off and my new garment will see me through as many winters as its predecessor.  And there's just one other purchase from my wardrobe updating overhaul this season.  Two yards of lovely, heavyweight, navy, jersey fabric bought for eight pounds on Ebay.  I hope to show you what I've done with this in the next couple of weeks!

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