Saturday, 27 October 2012

What's Been Tickling Me

My job in older people's mental health exposes me to far more sad situations than people in a lot of other jobs will see in a month of Sundays.  But my lovely colleagues and I keep our peckers up with lots of laughter.  A giggle is cathartic, helping us to release some of the stress and tension that inevitably builds up.  I thought that today, I'd share yesterday's 'medicine' just in case there's anyone else out there who needs a bit  of a pick me up.  '50 Shades of Grey' as a comedic resource just goes on and on!



  1. Love the sound effects! I, like Ellen do not feel comfortable with this book and I'm glad I didn't buy into EL James' marketing phenomenon, but thanks for the peep :)

  2. Hi dolly mixtures - I didn't buy the book either but have got the gist of it through all the hype! x