Wednesday, 3 October 2012

You May Have Missed This!

In celebration of the fact that September was the first month where the stats count for my blog went over five thousand, I thought I'd indulge in some shamelessly wanton self-publicity.  In an analysis of the figures for my posts I thought I'd pick out a few that have, so far, only achieved single figure viewing figures.  Let's start with the one about Google Doodles and update this with my favourite so far this year, The 125th Anniversary of the World's largest snowflake!

My post about the inappropriate of some of the online adverts that are targeted at me contained a non very well hidden test for those marketing men out there.  Thank goodness that they failed and I was not  bombarded with adverts for Cheestrings.

Since I posted the second in my series of a 101 uses for a banana over a year ago now, it's about time I gave you tip number three.  Allegedly if you tape banana skin over a wart or a splinter the enzyme in it will remove them.  Let me know if this is complete hocus pocus or really does work.

Seeing that I can't get round to being creative myself as often as I'd like I like to showcase the gobsmackingly amazing work of others when I come across it.  Have a shufti at the work of Wayne Victor Meeten and be in awe of his amazing talent.

Click here for my little treatise about forgetting, aimed at dementia sufferers and their carers but relevant to all of us.  Now where did I put my glasses?

Here's one from my travels around Devon about the largest tree in Britain although you can bet your bottom dollar that there's a few of those scattered around.  Perhaps one in every county maybe?

Grumble, grumble, moan, moan! Life wouldn't be worth living without a little moan now and then.  Here's one along the lines of  'It's always the same people that help'.  Any other volunteers out there might find the sentiments expressed in this post entirely familiar.

How about a bit of wildlife education from my 2011 winter trip to Yellowstone?  Most of the fauna that we saw was a lot perkier than this beastie, an exhibit in the Old Faithful Visitors Centre.  Sorry that word is 'Center' for all you Americans out there.

Now we're coming up to the time of the year where the 'C' word gets mentioned more and more frequently, you might like look for some free online resources that keep the kids content without shelling out money.

I'll save some posts for another day that hark  from dim, distant times where my readership consisted of an occasional waif and stray along with Mama and Nana Lovelygrey.  For now, I'll leave you with the post that I wanted to call 'Hot Crotch' but Red Mel wouldn't let me!

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