Monday, 26 November 2012

A Weekend With The Goggle Box

Having stocked up with eggs the night before you'll be pleased to know that I managed to navigate 'Buy Nothing Day' on Saturday successfully though not without the inevitable Lovelygrey hiccup.   I ran out of milk at about midday after using my final half pint to make a rather wonderful macaroni cheese.  The rest of the day I was confined to using the powdered stuff that I save for breadmaking in my tea.  It just wasn't the same.

I'd figured on a more active weekend, a long awaited Church of Craft with Red Mel and Naomi and a bit of wholesome exercise.  But alas Red Mel was poorly and I too succumbed to a tummy bug on Saturday evening.  Plus the weather was atrocious with flood warnings everywhere. So, to counter my normal super active lifestyle, it seemed rather a good idea to snuggle under my granny blanket and take in rather a lot of telly.

Now TV watching gets some negative press, as does fatty food and alcoholic beverages.  But everything in moderation is my motto even though sometimes  I'll save up those treats and have them all in one go!  My squared eyed weekend was a revelation.  I dipped my toes into Hebburn and laughed my way through the whole series, got up to date with Series 2 of The Hour and caught the latest episode of Kirsty's Vintage Home.  I've suffered inspiration overload for  money saving with ideas aplenty from a week's worth of Mrs Moneypenny's SuperScrimpers.  And thanks to Yotam Ottolenghi's Meditteranean Feast  I got my appetite back.  This region's cuisine has to be my favourite.

What's more those presenters at Channel 4 have produced their own scrapbooks of ideas on the website.  Rather than dulling my brain and turning it to mush, my head is buzzing with ideas.  A weekend of slobbing about isn't too damaging after all!

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