Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Better than A Bubbly Bath?

For some reason having a hot bath doesn't  relax me at all.  I like the idea in principle but when it come to the crunch I get all hot and bothered.  Instead of languishing in  soapy lather for hours I'm leaping out of there in about five minutes. That's a bit of a waste of water now I'm on a meter.  Floatation tanks work better as  a stressbuster except  when I came the nearest ever to having a proper real live  panic attack in one.  The therapist forgot that I was in it and I was left there for a good hour over my intended session time wondering  if I'd taken leave of my senses and lost control of time.

What else works?  Well, a bit of meditation  wine in moderation, reading,  massage, comedy, being swathed in fluffy stuff, lying with the sun on my face and a nice cuppa.  I'm coming up with a list after a particularly stressful couple of days and it's as good a time as any to remind myself that there are things that damp down my overactive mind at its most agitated.  So when  trying to find an idea for a post for today I was pleased to find what is purported to be the most relaxing piece of music ever; Weightless by Marconi Union that was created in collaboration with sound therapists. I'm happy to say that it does the trick for me  so will definitely be something  that I'll be adding to my stress busting toolkit.  Follow the link and discover whether it takes you off into a sea of calm or is my own equivalent of a Radox bath!

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