Sunday, 11 November 2012

Brilliant Bargain for Budding Scientists

Just very occasionally one of those 'rare as rocking horse droppings' metaphorical  free lunches comes along - even though established wisdom states that there is no such thing.  And I think I've found one today whilst scanning the web pages from today's Observer,  a pant wettingly exciting offer from top universities in the world! Do you fancy studying a course at Stamford, Dukes or maybe Edinburgh?   Well, just investigate Udacity and Coursera, sign up for one of their courses and get learning at degree level.  It won't cost you a bean, unlike those preposterously priced programmes which are now the norm at UK universities!

Currently it seems that the emphasis is on pure and applied science courses so they're likely to appeal to those who hanker to don a lab coat and safety goggles.  However there are a few offerings for those with a more arty farty or philosophical bent.  And this is an evolving idea for promoting learning for all. Who knows how it might grow and grow and give traditional and increasingly expensive traditional ways of learning a run for their money in the near future!

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  1. Thank you so much for spotting and posting those links. I have selected several courses to look at tomorrow. It would be so good to have something to aim for.