Thursday, 22 November 2012

Buy Nothing Day: 24th November

You might notice today that my title is plain and simple with none of my trademark cheesy puns, obscurity that befits cryptic crosswords or my favourite, those double entendres that would make Sid James or his younger counterpart Daniel Craig proud.  It's really a reminder to myself to participate in this event, which should be a must in everyone's calendar, properly this year.  My efforts two years ago, to spend nothing on the assigned day ended woefully with a grocery emergency and last year it looks like this important event in the calendar passed me by altogether.

So I'm going to make a much better effort this year starting with giving you lot  advance notice.  Make sure that you've got milk in (or in my case eggs!) and enjoy a whole day of well, anything at all really.  It's up to you to choose.  Anything that is apart from shopping in all the various guises that it takes these days!

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  1. Thanks for the reminder. I have plenty of Christmas crafting to keep me busy this weekend. The shops are already horrendously busy- I had to go to Hobbycraft for some felt yesterday ( it's on 3 for 2 so I got 6 large pieces for £2). The retail park it's situated on was full of harassed looking people laden down with bags - I left very quickly!