Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Caution to the Wind? Nah!

Whoopee! My tiny Ebay business is up and running again.  Events of the past year meant that I put selling on hold, concentrating  on homemaking and building a new life as a singleton. But now I'm dreaming of a life outside the crumbling NHS so dabbling in entrepreneurship isn't a bad thing.  And, of course, I could do with the cash!

I wondered about diversifying and selling a wider range of goods and had a punt at buying some stuff other than jewellery.  It was difficult to part with this gorgeous 1960s Midwinter teapot with its design by Peter Scott but it made nearly three times what I paid for it.  However a punt on a couple of lovely party frocks has not paid off at all.  A beautiful silk mix beaded gown didn't sell for its starting price of 99p and I made a loss on another even though fourteen people were watching my auction by its end. I could throw good money after bad and see if I have better luck next time but I don't have funds to chuck about and really can't be assed to experiment further.

Even the thrill of making a profit on the teapot was subdued by the fact that I absolutely loathe and desist wrapping. With the bigger items there's plenty of that to do before they are popped in the post and there's the added worry that they'll break before reaching their destination .  So it's back to exclusively selling small sparkly things that can be slipped fuss free into a gift bag and padded envelope. Playing safe and sticking to what I know that I can sell for a profit and ship quickly is oh so totally boring but for now, it seems the best bet.


  1. Good luck with your tiny business. I agree about wrapping. It is so time consuming - particularly wrapping pottery items, but I have sold quite a few of them so have become more efficient.It is much quicker if I sell a linen item (I've thinned down my collection substantially) - a bit of tissue paper, a mailing bag and off it goes. My cupboards are emptying nicely as are the dresser and the attic room. I only ever list stuff when it's a free listing weekend, so if it doesn't sell I just pop it on again. - a couple of weeks ago I had 17 people watching a Pyrex bowl and nobody bid on it - I sold it the next time I listed it.

  2. Have been ebaying too. It is a drag p&p. I put the wrong postage on an item so have made approx 7p from a sale. sigh we live and learn. Empathies! Overall not bad for stuff about the house of no further use to me.

  3. Awesome news, welcome back! Anyhow, I learned in business school that packaging is definitely important when it comes to products, either selling it online or direct selling, because it helps the customer to remember your brand easily, thus customer retention. So maybe you should give it a little more thought, just a suggestion :) Good luck!