Sunday, 4 November 2012

Don't Take Your Son to the Car Boot Sale Mother

My house has turned into a tip, the peace has been shattered and there are far too many lights on.   And I'm loving it.   Why?  Because Louis has returned from a week away in Greece with his dad.

Foolishly I allowed him to sleep in my bed last night.  How a nine year old can take up so much space and manage to kick me in the head in the middle of the night is beyond my reasoning power. For the second Sunday in a row I didn't have a lie-in.  To make the best of a bad lot we headed early off to the car boot sale in Newton Abbot to snaffle some bargains.

I loved this charming Portuguese hand painted plate was just about to proffer the one pound asking price when boof! my son started to haggle for it.  He cheekily agreed on fifty pence.  'Can I buy  it off you?' I pleaded.  'We'll talk about that at home' he replied.

Anyway now it's mine although not without a tussle.  I beat him down from a ridiculously high starting offer of a tenner, stuck to my guns and got it for two pounds.  That's still 100% more than the price I could have paid if I'd have been a bit quicker than my wheeling dealing son.  Serves me right for encouraging entrepreneurial skills at such a tender age!


  1. that made me chuckle! he will go far indeed....beautiful bowl xxx

  2. Lol Hmm young apprentice. Watch out Alan Sugar

  3. Reminds me of a friend's son who was used to his father buying and selling toys. His son's first full sentence as "Dont sell my toys."

  4. Fabulous! That has made me smile this morning, as did your comments- thankyou for leaving them. x