Monday, 12 November 2012

God Bless That Gorilla!

These are my good sturdy black biker boots bought nine years ago in TK Maxx for thirty quid when Louis was just a babe in arms - or rather one of those nifty slings.  They've been a winter wardrobe staple for nine years worn with leggings and both short and long woolly skirts.  After nine years of such loyal service surely they deserve to be put out to pasture?   And don't you think that I too deserve a little retail therapy as a reward for for choosing something so cheaply that has given me such long service?

Pah!  Not a bit of it!  Boots are made for walking not languishing lethargically in an unloved state in the bottom of a wardrobe.  And I got this pair as they were perfect; beautiful quality, the right shape and size of heel, colour, fit and length.  So I'm not going to let them go that easily.  I've effected a repair with the wonderfully named Gorilla Glue, dampening each surface as per the instructions and smearing them with a super thin layer of stickiness.  Then I left them to fix wedged under the bed leg for the day to provide the weight required to set.

The result?  Well it's not really going to come as a surprise.  After all they weren't going to turn into a frog or anything.  I'm not a magician.  No, I've got a repaired  boots that, after a bit of a polish, will be ready to step out again with its counterpart for another few thousand miles.  Maybe they'll last me another nine years when Louis might be at university!

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  1. I was screaming at the computer screen like a dementer person who yells at football games on the television. I was hoping you would stop and not throw them out. Good for you and for my heart that you did not. Gorilla Glue is just the thing to save shoes. I have Shoe Glue that looks like Gorilla Glue in a different package. Those boots look like they will last awhile longer if repaired. My heart is now beating normally.