Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Meter Madness Part 1

For nine months until last week I had a key meter for my electricity, installed just a week or so before I moved into Lovelygrey Cottage.  Something to do with the former spendthrift tenants not paying their bills methinks. It's been a right royal palaver getting it converted back to a normal one where I can pay by direct debit and choose the best joint tariff for my combined fuel costs.  I'll share the story which isn't quite yet over when all the time consuming to-ings and fro-ings have finally been done and dusted.

So for three quarters of a year I've been using power, frequently concerned that it could go off if the credit on the meter runs out.  It happened just the once but not really because of lack of vigilance on my part. Again I'll save the details for later for I am feeling super mysterious today!

In spite of the inconvenience I think the experience has had a knock on effect on making me more frugal with electricity usage.  A sudden burst of domestic activity using those household appliances could make the figures on that meter spiral downwards.  And then there's those teeny tiny seepages of power happening in the background due to stuff on standby.  Barely perceptible when I was paying straight out of my bank account but plain to see with the figures in front of me.

Although I've found topping up my key really inconvenient I think, in hindsight, that the experience has been useful.  I have cut down excessive consumption as a consequence and also had the dubious pleasure of experiencing how some of the poorest in society, who are the most likely to pay for power this way, are left in a situation where they have no option to choose anything other than standard tariffs and are stuck with paying some of the highest utility prices in the country.

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  1. Yes its such a rip off for anyone with a pre pay metre. I inherited one when I lived on a farm in the middle of nowhere. I demanded it be changed due to inconvenience. They changed it after a heated discussion.